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About Vex 6

The game which is available at this page is called Vex 6 and in fact is one of the most up-to-date edition of the Vex game series. Today this version of the game is available on all platforms, including smartphones and web browsers. If you have never played this game before let me give some crucial information about it so you can better understand the gameplay and basic rules.

Vex 6 is a mixture of an action and aventure game where you control a small stickman character who has to overcome different obstacles and reach the finish flag. The graphics of the game is very smooth and fast and in my opinion this is the key factor of huge success. Your mission is to run as fast as possible and at the same time keep away from dangerous objects like blades, cannons and others. Each level of the game make the whole game more and more difficult : the obstacles are becoming more deadly while the number of cannons increase. The player can only achieve success by the combination of fast decisions and good reaction skills. Also keep in mind that in this game time is very important : the faster you reach the finish line the higher score you will receive. You must remember that there are special checkpoints in each level to make the whole gameplay a bit more easy - when you die you respawn near the last checkpoint. There are some other features that you will also enjoy in this game, like making dangerous stunts, jumping from wall to wall and even diving. Enjoy the Vex 6 for free at our website.

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