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About Bonk io

Most of the modern io games are boring despite the fact they have multiplayer. Bonk Io is one of those games which can keep you engaged for long time and this game never gets boring. Let me tell you more about this awesome game. So, Bonk Io is an arcade multiplayer game with several game modes and rather nice graphics. The idea of the game is simple - you control a small ball which can become heavy if you hit spacebar. In different levels of this game you have to force your opponents to fall down of the stage or push them towards the sharp objects so they will die. Despite the different rules for each game mode, the main rule stays the same - you have to become the last alive player on the stage to win the round. Many people say that love this game because of the awesome physics and I can assure you that it is really great.

As you might know, Bonk Io is a multiplayer arcade game and this means that you play against real players all around the world. The game may seem a bit difficult at first try to believe me, when you do some practice it will become much more addictive and interesting. The key factor of huge success of this game is variety of levels - the levels are constantly added to this game, the users make them using the special level editor and submit at the official website. After review, the developers add the user-made levels into this game and they become available for everyone. Every match of the game has a new map and new aims for the players.

There are several game modes in this game but I recommend you to start with the Classic. In this mode you can find a lot of players and can easily join a room with plenty of players. Enjoy the Bonk at our website for free.

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