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About EvoWorld io

EvoWorld io is one of those games which are very interesting and addictive at the same time. This game is about the evolution of flying creatures and gives you ability to follow this path on your own. Let me mention that the game has multiplayer mode and you will be playing it against real people all around the world, not bots. The world of this game is full of different creatures - some of them may be harmless while others will definitely try to kill and eat everything around them. In fact, that's the basic rule of the evolution - you either kill or be killed.

The game starts with choosing the name for your character. After this you appear in the world full of flying creatures. Your character - a small fly will try to survive in this cruel world. You can eat everything with green circle but at the same time keep away from enemies with red color. If you are smart enough to get enough food you can level up and turn into a new character. For example the fly will turn into a butterfly. Following this stages of evolution, you can easily reach the stage where your main diet will be eating small players. That's the reason of such popularity of the game - you try to survive in the beginning and become a hunter when you level-up. The number of characters in this game is pretty huge - there are up to 50 different stages of evolution but unlocking all of the is really a tough task.

EvoWorld io is a rebranded name of the original online game called Fly Or Die. In fact, the developers just changed the name and added a few new characters while everything else is still the same.The game may seem a bit skirmish at the beginning - verious creatures are flying all around and trying to eat each other but believe me, that when you dive deeper into it, you will love it. The game has rather nice graphics and is available on all platforms, including browsers and smartphones.

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