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About Smash Karts

If you are searching for an addictive and interesting racing battle royale game you came to the right page. Our website offers you to play the latest edition of the awesome Smash Karts multiplayer game with a lot of interesting features and awesome gameplay. The rules of the game are easy : you have to control a kart on the track and destoy your enemies. Your kart is equipped with different weapons so you can easily kill enemies and become the last man standing. The game offers several game modes but in the end all of them have something in common - you have to reveal your racing skills in this multiplayer game to prove everyone that you are better and faster then anyone else. Keep in mind that in Smash karts the variety of weapons is not so big but it differs from each other. To get the new weapon you should drive to the specific icon on the track. While some weapons are better for close range battles, there are some of them which will give you advantage over long distance battles. You can also put mines on the track so your enemies can be destroyed on the road by those mines.

Even though that the game has cartoonish graphics, it is still very addictive and interesting. There are some unlockable items which you can get when you got enough exp. Keep in mind that this game is only available in multiplayer mode against real players. Enjoy the full version of the Smash karts game for free at our website.

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